Friday, 4 October 2013

A Doll for Hope

This is my very first post. One of many I hope. For me, what I enjoy most about dollmaking blogs is seeing the evolution of the dolls and the dollmaker over long periods of time.

For me I hope that my blog has that, the evolution of my dolls, and the thoughts and feelings that are behind them.

Which finds me this week making a doll for Hope. Believe it or not, that while I write this and look into the future and my hopes and dreams of my little dollies and my little blog, I am quite literally making a dolly for a little girl named Hope.

 I do enjoy making dolls with a particular child in mind. Concentrating on the essence of that child while I work away. This week has proven no different. Light brown hair, hazel eyes, a sprinkle of freckles,  oh and a cheeky expression and of course dressed in Hope's favourite colour, mauve!

I'll keep you posted as she nears completion. Can't decide on overalls or a dress, I keep changing my mind!

 Mel xo