Saturday, 26 July 2014

Liverpool Doll Show

This weekend I was fortunate enough to visit Liverpool Doll Show in Sydney. It was so amazing to mooch through stall after stall of antique haberdashery, antique & vintage dolls and bears. Not to mention doll and bear artists who are creating new dolly & bear works. Truly inspiring!

I took a few photos, though many stall holders weren't to impressed with me standing in front of their displays with a camera and big lens. I suppose I understand that to a degree, but my work is shared so much online, I don't completely understand protecting the work you do from the digital age.

As well as delighting in seeing so much inspiring work, I did manage to buy some fabulous vintage haberdashery. Next year I will save up especially for this show..... The amount of antique lace, ribbons, trims, cottons, fabrics.... was truly spellbinding!

Vintage dolls anyone?

These little mice are from Balgowlah Bears..... seeing them in these antique shoes blew me away! Stunning don't you agree?


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Myrtle and her Molly Bear

I'd like to introduce you to Miss Myrtle. After a couple of weeks I can finally take some photos of her. She started from a ball of silver linen and an idea I had for her hat, and from there she came to life!

The lace on the hat I found at the very bottom of a draw in my favourite antique shop. Just the smallest piece, but such a lovely example of edwardian guipure lace. Finishing the hat I was completely delighted to discover that this piece fitted perfectly ..... I loved it so much that I have been scouring the net ever since, trying my darndest to find more similar to this piece, but as yet no luck!

The flower on her hat is silk and dated approximately 1940's.

To be honest I think a proportion of my time of late is spent searching for these amazing antique haberdashery pieces. I cannot imagine making my dolls without them! And as much as  it pains me, I do love the fact that so much of what I am using is one of a kind, and that they simply can't be reproduced.

Her collar is irish lace and her little petticoat is edwardian broderie anglaise.

So it became time to do her final pieces. Still deciding on her shoes though, so in the meantime I thought her arms looked empty and she needed a special friend and I think she agreed with me.

Molly Bear is made of fine merino yarn and is stuffed with carded wool. She has glass eyes and she is hand shaded. The lace she is finished with is so fine and delicate. I only have a little of this lace and  I love using it with my bears.

So now back to those shoes!


Monday, 7 July 2014

Bye Bye Gertie

Today was all about saying my last goodbyes to Gertie. Packing her little things up and making sure she has all that she will need for her journey to her new home. I feel a sense of relief to know that my dolls travel with their little friends... I know that makes me kind of crazy, but for anyone who feels a connection to dolls as I do, I know you will understand my sentiments.

I spent part of the afternoon with my watercolours making a special card for her new owner.

And then I enjoyed making a video filled with vintage music and all of her little photos.

Oh how I have loved making this doll. I delighted when I first saw her little face, and when her blue hat was first placed on her head. Doll making is a process of allowing the dollys to speak to you. They tell you what they want, the colours and the styles of the clothes, the wigs, and shoes and all of their little accompaniments.

I wish her well in her travels, and that her wonderful new owner has many years of lovely dolly play!