Monday, 7 July 2014

Bye Bye Gertie

Today was all about saying my last goodbyes to Gertie. Packing her little things up and making sure she has all that she will need for her journey to her new home. I feel a sense of relief to know that my dolls travel with their little friends... I know that makes me kind of crazy, but for anyone who feels a connection to dolls as I do, I know you will understand my sentiments.

I spent part of the afternoon with my watercolours making a special card for her new owner.

And then I enjoyed making a video filled with vintage music and all of her little photos.

Oh how I have loved making this doll. I delighted when I first saw her little face, and when her blue hat was first placed on her head. Doll making is a process of allowing the dollys to speak to you. They tell you what they want, the colours and the styles of the clothes, the wigs, and shoes and all of their little accompaniments.

I wish her well in her travels, and that her wonderful new owner has many years of lovely dolly play!



Natalie Milne said...

While scrolling through Facebook one day Miss Molly's dolls came up, it looked inviting so I clicked onto it. After looking through the photo's I was delighted to see such amazing dolls, I became hooked and had to keep looking at them and all the updates of there creation!
I saw Gertie's little face n straight away I had to have her and that was before she was anywhere near finished. I contacted Mel to see if she was available and she was, that was the start of the journey that brought us together!
Watching her progress through Facebook was great and Mel kept me updated on her progress and informed me of all the little details and collecting of all the flowers, lace and finishings which are chosen for each doll individually, I also decided that I wanted an extra outfit which Mel was happy to do.
I received Gertie this week and she was by far beyond my expectations, Gertie is the most divine little character, that has been made with such brilliant skill, true love and dedication everything about her and her outfits and accessories is made with remarkable skill.

Thank You so much Mel you've made a big little girl very happy lol xxxxxxxx

Melissa Frank said...

Aww thank you so much Natalie. It brought tears to my eyes reading this. It makes all the long hours and hard work worth it, to know that my little dolls are loved is an amazing feeling. So appreciate your lovely comments dear Natalie xxxx