Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dolly Dreaming

So sorry for not doing a blog update for the last few weeks. I went to ground, I admit it!  The last 6 months were so busy with family and home that it left little time in my already mixed up head to truly think and catch my breath. But now with the twins at school I feel like I am finally finding my groove. I think I needed time to contemplate where I was headed and what I wanted to make.

I am spending my mornings walking in the bush around my home and feeling very inspired. There is definitely something special about connecting with nature, it has a real tangible effect on the rest of my day. I definitely think my latest few dollies are a reflection of my new morning ritual.

I finished Macey and Luka off this week. They have lots of my vintage haberdasheries on them, but I think equally at home out along a bush track. I spent a good week or so working on my new little doll pattern, 14 inches and such a darling size... not to big and not small.... a perfect play size!

 A lot more dollies on my work table right now. I have to say I am really enjoying these little personalities... each one born as little day dreams that I have while I walk through the bush and each one a true delight to create.

Mel xxx