Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hope's Doll

This week was all about getting Hope's doll finished. I'm pleased with her and hope she will make a good friend for Hope.

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Importance of a Special Doll

I read recently that "a good doll teaches us about love and nurturing, about friendship and emergence of self". I love that statement, remembering back to when I was a child there were dolls that I could definitely say did that for me.

Although I never had a Waldorf doll myself, I do however remember one doll that followed me through my childhood. My mum made her clothes, she had her bed next to mine and accompanied me on many a shopping trip to the local grocery store. Being an only child she was everything to me.
I think for a child to develop a long term relationship with their toys is very valuable quality worthy of nurturing .

On my 5th birthday, my first "real" baby doll. My Mum made her clothes, right down to her underwear.

Today more than ever before "fast toys" have taken hold. Like fast food that are quick to get, lack substance and have no real nurturing qualities.Walking through the aisles of the local department store I see thousands of mass produced, commercialised toys. Quick, cheap purchases that are built for fast play only to end up broken, irrepairable and eventually in landfill. Its a sad tale really.

Although my children have had their share of fast toys. They have also had many toys that are the slow kind, and to this day still grace our shelves. They look a little weathered now but are still loved. My teenage girls keep their waldorf dolls tucked away at the back of their wardrobes, often brought out for the occasional reminiscing of play times passed. 

Mel xo