Sunday, 31 August 2014

For the love of yarn and bears

This week I started to prepare for an up and coming doll show I will be displaying at. A lot of work ahead of me and a lot of planning of what I would like to have on my stall. Along with a myriad of dolls I did want to have a small display of yarn bears... only because I have discovered over the last few months how much I love to make them.

If you have been following my blog .. you would have seen my knitted bears and bunnies, it was always a huge challenge for me to master crocheting them. Finally after many, many, many hours of fiddling I managed to create some little bears that I think are ok.... and perhaps worthy of a little place on my stall.

This little one is Primrose

This is Penelope

A little close up of her Penelope's bonnet

Gathered together with another little friend Pearl. They measure 4 inches. I am working on crocheting a slightly smaller one.... but we'll see yet whether I can manage that.

Here is a little peep at the tiny micro thread bear I am working on. It's taking much longer to do than I first anticipated.... but I am enjoying the challenge!

I did manage to make a bear slightly larger than these. Miss Agatha Winterbottom. She is about 9 inches.

Here is a close up of Miss Agatha's hat, truly vintage, made from vintage crochet cotton and finished with antique flowers. lace and a little antique mother of pearl button.

After a week of bears I think its time to get back to some dolly's, two have been sitting on my work table watching me this week while I indulge in my newly found bear obsession. So patient they have been... time to finish them off now.


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Making of Millicent Bunny

This week,  amongst my sewing work, little Millicent Bunny appeared on my worktable, a lovely little friend for Winnie.

I spent a lot more time on her ears... shaping and shading them and stitching them down, and I really like the results. She has such a sad little look to her though, after I finished her final few stitches and looked over at her she made me a little sad I have to say. But I am sure Winnie will be a good friend and cheer her up.

Her little dress is made from baby Suri alpaca. it is soooo soft and delicate. It did take a fair bit of time to knit up because the stitches are so small, in fact the same amount of stitches went into this dress as one I would normally make for one of my bigger dolls. Not to mention that it took me two goes to do, because the first dress I dropped a stitch... and there was no way I was ever going to retrieve it! hehehe. 

The dress was finished with some antique mother of pearl buttons and a lovely piece of turquoise vintage ribbon.

I think Millie and Winnie are going to be the best of friends.

Mel xxx

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


The last week or so I have been working on finishing Winnie off. I still have a few pieces left to do for her. She is travelling to her new home with some extra outfits and of course she needs a little friend to keep her company. I thought I would share with you some the first lot of photos of dear Winnie.

 I've been having long talks with Winnie about what kind of special friend she would like. I have been thinking about a velveteen rabbit, so I've ordered some lovely off white cotton velveteen from overseas, just a waiting game now for it to arrive. I don't think Winnie minds too much, she's enjoying playing with my millinery flowers.... xx

Winnie's petticoat is finished with pin tucks and vintage lace. Its made of a soft cotton batiste.

Winnie's mauve dress is made from vintage silk, her lace panel is antique circa 1920's. She truly is a vintage girl!

 Winnie's hat is crocheted from pure merino and finished with antique lace, MOP buckle slide and a single velvet millinery flower. All her hat trims are circa 1920.

A bit more work to do for her in the next week, her little friend and her wardrobe of clothes. I'll pop more photos up when they are finished.


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bonnet Baby Giveaway

Over on the Miss Molly's Dolls facebook page we have been having a little giveaway competition. A little teeny baby that I made and her little rosie bassinet.

I started with the bassinet. I had an idea that I had been pondering on for some time now. I wanted to cover it in embroidery, bullion and grub roses. I spent a full day embroidering this bassinet in flowers and adding a few glass pearls to it as well. The lace I used to finish the edge of the bassinet is antique, early 1900's.

Every baby needs a warm shawl to curl up in, after a few attempts I managed to come up with this soft pink one.

All that we needed now was a little baby to curl up in her new bed. This little bonnet baby is the first of my new weeny baby design. She is just 6 inches in length and her name is Lily.

I crocheted and knitted her little outfit from vintage cotton. This is the smallest I have ever worked with, using just 1mm sized needles. But I think it worked... a tiny outfit for a tiny baby!

I will be drawing the Bonnet Baby Giveaway Monday morning AEST. Good luck to all who have entered.