Tuesday, 12 August 2014


The last week or so I have been working on finishing Winnie off. I still have a few pieces left to do for her. She is travelling to her new home with some extra outfits and of course she needs a little friend to keep her company. I thought I would share with you some the first lot of photos of dear Winnie.

 I've been having long talks with Winnie about what kind of special friend she would like. I have been thinking about a velveteen rabbit, so I've ordered some lovely off white cotton velveteen from overseas, just a waiting game now for it to arrive. I don't think Winnie minds too much, she's enjoying playing with my millinery flowers.... xx

Winnie's petticoat is finished with pin tucks and vintage lace. Its made of a soft cotton batiste.

Winnie's mauve dress is made from vintage silk, her lace panel is antique circa 1920's. She truly is a vintage girl!

 Winnie's hat is crocheted from pure merino and finished with antique lace, MOP buckle slide and a single velvet millinery flower. All her hat trims are circa 1920.

A bit more work to do for her in the next week, her little friend and her wardrobe of clothes. I'll pop more photos up when they are finished.


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Natalie Milne said...

Beautiful and made with such loving care xxx