Hi, my name is Mel and I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains just outside Sydney, Australia. I am a mother of 6 gorgeous, somewhat cheeky kids, so I guess you could say that the main definition of who I am at this stage is mother. However I do also identify myself as a dollmaker. Crazy term that, a dollmaker. What is it really?

For me I discovered dollmaking at the age of 14. But I think I discovered it far earlier than that, as a young child I loved dolls. I developed quite emotional attachments to them. It was at 14 though that I began making dolls and attended porcelain doll making classes. From that moment I had the bug.

Esmeralda, circa 1992

My porcelain dolls soon became an obsession, and I began crafting my own sculptures and molds. In my 20's I had my own studio and was teaching, but soon life turned into the usual patterns of marriage and children and I became a homemaker and fulltime Mum. While at home with my children I never lost the connection to doll making, becoming influenced by Waldorf education I began making Waldorf dolls and simple toys for my own children.

A few years down the road I am enjoying returning to my roots of professional doll making. I can see the creative journey I have been on in every doll I make, and while at times over the last 20 years it has felt fragmented, it now all makes perfect sense.

My little blog is a diary of my work and the continuation of my journey as a doll maker, thank you for visiting.

Love Mel xo

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