Saturday, 28 June 2014

Blossom Bunny

So this week was all about making little characters. And I have to say I have had the best time with them. Blossom Bunny became a lovely little friend for Molly Bear, so much so that her new owner decided to keep them together, so they were packed up and posted away together.


While I was making Blossom Bunny I got out my Beatrix Potter books, ahh such bunny inspiration! If anyone was able to capture true bunny loveliness it's Beatrix. And the colours of her work is sooo beautiful!! Soul food indeed, I wish I could step into this wonderful world.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tea Time with Molly Bear

Well I think its fair to say that my antique Molly Bear who has been sitting on my shelf overseeing my work this week has had a beary big influence on me. Is it wrong that I haven't made a doll this week??? But I'm emercing myself in all things bear. I do have a dream of a little doll and the yarn is sitting on my work table, as well as a very sweet skirt made with antique broderie anglaise.... but for the time being its all about making Mollys Bears.

Todays's Molly Bear is pretty in pink. I think I was influenced by a bundle of antique millinery flowers that arrived here the other afternoon. In amongst them was a fabulous cream linen blossom, with, what looks to be, hand painted edging. So Beautiful and well deserved of becoming a little Molly Bear fascinator.

The fascinator also has antique ribbon and lace.


She's the perfect tea cup size..... I have been thinking that on my next trip to my favourite antique shop I must look for some more tea cups, besides the fact that Earl Grey tea tastes better in antique cups, bears look so much nicer when posed in them.

Her little knitted dress is finished with tiny antique shell buttons. I love that they aren't matching, just to add to that vintage look.



Sunday, 22 June 2014

Molly Bear's Picnic Giveaway

Well today is Molly Bear day. Finally her giveaway is up and running, so if you are interested in entering please follow the Facebook link at the top of this page.

Molly Bear is knitted from hand dyed alpaca. Her dress is also made from a very special skein of yarn, mulberry silk. This is the first time I have knitted in silk and I would have to say it was amazing. Such a delight to work with something so luxurious and special.

Her little basket is made from linen and finished with a vintage millinery flower and antique lace and shell buttons. And of course she has a wee china tea set to take to her picnic, perfect for tea and cake under the trees in the woods.

Inside her basket is a tiny doily. I crocheted it from very special vintage cotton, so fine and delicate.

Molly Bear's cloche hat is also made of linen. It is finshed with a beautiful piece of antique lace, a matching 1940's vintage millinery flower and an antique button.

Arrabella's Molly Bear popped over to join the fun, I think she felt she was missing out.

Good luck to all who enter!!!

Friday, 20 June 2014

A Bear from Playtimes Past

Over the last few visits to my favourite antique shop there has been a little bear sitting on a shelf. She was the saddest little bear, her dress torn and weathered, her eyes missing and just embroidered woolen crosses in their place. There were little holes exposing the wood shavings that fill her body and patch on her paw, from perhaps the fabric of an old suit.
I didn't feel sad for her because she was battered, in fact the very opposite, she had been loved and played with, probably placed in a cupboard or old chest, like sweet memories stored in the recesses of a mind. I could see her in my mind being pushed around a garden in an old fashioned pram, sat down with dollys and other bears perhaps in grand tea parties. In my mind she lived a grand life, filled with love and care and happy times.
I felt sad because she was homeless and alone. But I nevertheless left her there, as I fished through buttons and laces and all things dolly. But when I came home my mind kept wandering back to her, thinking about her past and how loved she would have been, so many cuddles she would have had to wear away her fur!
Yesterday though I decided she should be home with me, to watch over me as I make dollys. I honour her in many ways, she represents all that is lovely in this world, the innocent love and play of children, and of the wonderful memories that we all carry of those times.

So last night I gave her new eyes, a warm cardi, a vintage bow and a special place on top of my sewing machine. I searched the internet to try and find something about her, but alas not much. Her distinctive hump on her back and her wood shaving fill tells me she is probably around 1920, though she may be earlier. Her pink mohair fur makes her very rare and rather special, and for that I think it is fitting.... for she really is a one of kind, don't you think??



Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Picnic Baskets and Antique Treasures

Well a very busy day today, in the wee hours of the night I was finishing off Gertie's picnic basket, embroidering her little picnic blanket, because after all you really can't have a picnic without a blanket to lay your goodies on!

Then this morning I took my dear daughter to work as she missed the train, I have to admit this is not such a bad thing as it takes me straight past my favourite antique shop in the whole world.... nothing like a sunny winters morning spent mooching through vintage goodies.

Antique doll dress, laces, threads and buttons.... and a very special vintage Raggedy Ann book.

"And Raggedy Ann's remaining shoe button eye looked up at her mistress in a rather saucy manner"....hahaha love it!


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Arrabella's Little Dress

I've been working over the last day or so on Arrabella's outfit. Linen and lace is probably the best way to describe it.

I decided to finish the inside of her hem with a little lace, so pretty and after all you can never have enough lace trims.

The collar on her dress is finished with some little grub roses and her hat is made of crochet linen and trimmed with grosgrain and vintage millinery flowers. Her flowers dated to pre 1940's.


Arrabella's Molly Bear

I have spent the last couple of days working on Arrabella's little Molly Bear. She started with the most sublime skein of hand dyed alpaca yarn. When I saw it at my favourite little wool shop, I knew instantly that it would make the most amazing bear. So soft, with the slightest variegation.

It was an absolute delight working with it, and it just goes to show, that quality yarn does make all the difference.

Molly Bear is now waiting patiently for her little dress, I've pulled a good dozen balls of wool out of my wool stash trying to decide what she would like, something a bit vintage perhaps.

I think Arrabella and her Molly Bear will be the best of friends. Arrabella loves cuddling her, such warm, soft and loving cuddles.



Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Little Miss Gertie

I thought I might keep you all updated on little Gertie, I've taken my time to work on her, and I am so pleased that I did. Here are a few photos of her so far. I am making her a little picnic basket, perfect for those lovely spring dolly picnics.

This is Gertie's Molly dolly, she has a tiny antique velvet flower in her hat

Gertie loves playing dolly tea time with her Molly dolly.

Every dolly needs a cloche hat, even the tiniest.