Saturday, 23 May 2015

Elsbeth & Her Little Friend

On my work table over the last couple of weeks has been Elsbeth. Such a lucky little girl, she is journeying to her new forever home with all kinds of goodies and friends. I think I love making all the extras for my dollies as much as I do the dollies themselves. I hate to see a doll with empty hands and I have been that way since I first began making dolls almost 30 years ago now. The world is a big place and everyone needs someone special to hug or something fun to play with.

So as I packed up her travelling box I filled it with lots of treasures. A special bunny friend, a wooden pull toy, a second set of clothes, boots, a Sunday hat and very special little Miss Molly dolly friend.

I am sure she will be having adventures for many years to come.... 

Mel xxx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Princess Pearl

Well I've been busy working away the last few weeks. Finally feel like I am working a little more "effectively".... hmm whatever that means. But I think what I mean by that term is that I am working in a more consistent way, a head down bottom up kind of way. That's not to say I am not taking time to play with my dolly making, but more that I am not stopping every few moments to second guess myself.

I managed to get Princess Pearl done in only a few days instead of my normal week for a dolly. I have a very soft spot for princesses. I think because I truly believe deep down we are all little girls and all little girls are princesses!

The autumn days have been absolutely spectacular here at the moment. Bright blue skies, still and warm. Perfect for a princess to go walking in the garden in amongst the fallen leaves and basking in the glow of autumn sunlight.

Every princess needs her own special floral hat as well. This one is made from linen, antique lace and vintage violet millinery flowers.


Mel xxxx

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Lucy and Our Little Trip Away

So the last couple of  weeks have been all about finishing off Lucy and having a little break away with the kids.

Lucy has been a delight to work on, she has such a lovely nature about her with her gentle expression and cheeky red curls.

 Her little bear friend is warm and cuddly, such best friends they are.

Lucy is travelling to her new home with lots of special goodies, an extra outfit and a special wooden toy made by Mr Molly, a little Giraffe. He is made from a piece of slab pine and has jarrah wheels.

Lucy's outfit is knitted, but she does have a very special little skirt made from a rare piece of broderie anglaise. This piece is almost 100 years old, a very special skirt indeed! 

 Lucy has a little extra summer dress, made from cotton lawn, vintage floral fabric and antique lace.

Lots of little items in Lucy's wardrobe, because every dolly needs some extra clothes.

No sooner as I was finishing off Lucy the family and I headed for a short break away to the beach. The weather was rather hit and miss, we've had so much rain on the east coast of Australia, but we did manage a couple of days of sun.

So feeling completely recharged and ready to get back to work, a couple more dolls are waiting so patiently on my work table.... a cute little toddler and a lovely vintage girl.. but more about them in another post.

Mel xxx