Saturday, 26 July 2014

Liverpool Doll Show

This weekend I was fortunate enough to visit Liverpool Doll Show in Sydney. It was so amazing to mooch through stall after stall of antique haberdashery, antique & vintage dolls and bears. Not to mention doll and bear artists who are creating new dolly & bear works. Truly inspiring!

I took a few photos, though many stall holders weren't to impressed with me standing in front of their displays with a camera and big lens. I suppose I understand that to a degree, but my work is shared so much online, I don't completely understand protecting the work you do from the digital age.

As well as delighting in seeing so much inspiring work, I did manage to buy some fabulous vintage haberdashery. Next year I will save up especially for this show..... The amount of antique lace, ribbons, trims, cottons, fabrics.... was truly spellbinding!

Vintage dolls anyone?

These little mice are from Balgowlah Bears..... seeing them in these antique shoes blew me away! Stunning don't you agree?



Krystyna Bienias-Machowska said...

What a wonderful show. Lovely photos, especially the ones with the mice.
Yes, they are stunning!

Melissa Frank said...

Thank you Krystyna. Yes it was a fabulous show, so glad you enjoyed the photos. Mel x