Monday, 14 April 2014

Molly Moppet in Blue

The last couple of days I have been in a very blue mood, and not in a sad way, just the colour blue. I can't get enough of it! Most my my work starts with wool, I love my yarn stash. Even my dolls begin from a skein or ball of wool, a colour that catches my fancy in a moment. Colour has the amazing ability to inspire.

This weekend I raided my yarn stash and pulled out balls of blue. I really enjoyed making up some little dolly goodies from all manner of blues.

So with blue in my mind and on my work table I started to work on a little knitted bunting doll. I wanted to do some fuzzy hair on this one, so she would be a little older than my other blossom baby buntings.

This morning Molly Moppet was all finished and sitting up on my work table looking back at me.

I thought some photos in the garden might be nice. It was a lovely morning and the garden was filled with bees and birds, a perfect place for Molly Moppet who LOVES flowers.

Molly Moppet is in my Etsy store, waiting for her new home.

Mel xx

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