Thursday, 4 September 2014

Spring Hat

Ahhh another winter survived, and this year, fortunately with minimum illness in our house. I do love winter, having the fire roaring, lighting a few candles and settling into some knitting.. or crocheting, which ever I have on hand. But, when those first blossoms hit the trees I cannot tell you how excited I feel.

This week we saw the first day of spring tick over here in Australia. I felt a new kinship to my millinery flowers and Adaline was indeed in need for a spring bonnet.

I have been saving this vintage ribbon for Adaline, and playing with some of my crochet cottons and flowers I felt this was a lovely combination. I think I am probably rather selfish in the way I work, I choose colours that I want to visit for a while. This week I have to admit I have loved working with this soft dusty pink... such a delight, as good as a spring holiday!!!

I have been wanting to work on stiffening my crocheted hats for a while. I have been chickening out I have to admit. Its hard when you spend 5 hours crocheting a hat to suddenly dunk it in a solution that you really don't know what the result will be. When I first put this pink hat in the stiffening solution I have to confess there was a real sense of panic!! But I persevered and shaped it and molded it. I used a hairdryer to get it reasonably set, then over a glass I could move it here, push it there... and stretch it into place.

I really loved the final result and I think it did open a world of millinery possibilities for my dollys. Still some shoes to finish for Miss Adaline, so hopefully over the next few days I will have her final photos done.

Mel xx


Natalie Milne said...

Mel you are an amazingly talented lady with the ability to imagine so many beautiful things and then actually create them and I'm privileged to have some of them xxxxxxx

Melissa Frank said...

Aww thank you Natalie, you are so good to me, so very supportive of all I do. I appreciate it so much. xxxxxx