Monday, 27 October 2014

First Birthday Giveaways, A vintage Sewing Basket

Well I am very excited! Next week marks Miss Molly's Dolls 1st birthday. And what a year!

It all started with knitting little dolly clothes to keep my hands and mind busy while I was at home raising my large brood of children,  the youngest 3 all being born within 16 months of each other. Now I can admit I had fallen deeply into postnatal depression and I was searching for anything to help me climb out of it. So one day  I began with some knitting while the children were playing in the garden, I hadn't knitted anything for years and it was a lovely way to keep my mind busy. And oh what a lesson in concentration, keeping count while I conversed with my littlies. Or keeping calm when our very young puppy ran away with my ball of wool and my knitting still attached and dragging behind. There was no doubt knitting became my therapy! On days when I felt I couldn't cope, I just thought about the stitches... one stitch after the other, just like life... one step after another.

Keeping track of patterns was of no use under the chaos of our home, and I soon gave up. Instead I began making my own patterns up. Then I decided to teach myself how to crochet... ahh the hours of me in front of YouTube videos, a crochet hook in one hand some yarn in the other. And just when I thought I stood no chance of ever mastering it, like a scene out of My Fair Lady I heard Rex Harrison's voice exclaim... "By George I think she's got it!!!!"

And so began the thought of Miss Molly's, perhaps I could make some things to sell, to pay for my yarn. But also to justify the hours of time spent with hands busy away making things. And then the distant thought.... perhaps I could go back to doll making.

I found it impossible to even dream of sewing or doll making during the day, with two toddler boys and a sewing machine on the table.... enough said!! So I became a night owl, as the children went to bed so began the doll maker's journey. So many dollies ended up in my girl's toy boxes in the process of trying to master Waldorf doll making. When I made Waldorf dolls for my children, it didn't matter if there was a lumpy arm, or a stretched seam.... because it was for my child to play with and made with complete love. But to sell a doll that was a completely different story, it had to perfect, or as close as I could get to perfect. Many times I felt like giving up, but a well known Waldorf doll maker said to me the secret of Waldorf doll making is... "practice, practice, practice!"

One year on I don't think by any means I have mastered it, I am still practicing... and I am still the night owl doll maker, getting out my machine once the children have gone to bed, still fearful of the boys playing with my tension knobs and climbing under the table and around my foot pedal while I sew! But I do feel I have achieved a lot this year for sure, and a lot of it due to the encouragement and unbelievable support from people all over the world. On days when I questioned my work and my abilities.... the cheering from my Facebook page kept me going, boosted my spirits and forced me to get back into the saddle. These people became my friends and in many ways helped me in my journey out of PND.

So it is almost 1 full year. And I feel birthday celebrations are more than needed. This year has meant so much to me. Being a stay at home Mum can definitely dampen your confidence, and I have been completely blessed by the support I have received. I have decided then more than 1 giveaway is necessary. So I have a few planned, representing some of my Miss Molly loves.

The first giveaway I can reveal is a little celebration of my love for vintage sewing supplies, a little sewing basket filled with my favourite things.

This little basket is finished with vintage lace, MOP's and a very special antique velvet flower from my collection. Its filled with MOP button cards, spools of lace, ribbon and trim and vintage cotton reels.

As the week goes on I will let you all know the other little giveaways. If you are interested in joining the giveaways keep an eye out next week on my Facebook page.

Mel xx


Natalie Milne said...

Hi Mel
What a sweet story of how Miss Mollys Dolls came about (except suffering the PND!)
Your dolls have brought me happiness and delight as I imagine you have for many people who are lucky enough to have one of your dolls or the other items you make.
They are exceptional quality and absolutely beautiful, the designs of the outfits are amazing made with gorgeous vintage lace and buttons.
The care you take in creating them completely comes out in the character of the dolls.
Thank you for taking the journey you did to get where you are now, your dolls will stay in our family for years to come.
Take Care, Much Love
Natalie xx

Melissa Frank said...

Thank you Natalie for such a lovely comment. You have been such a huge supporter of me and my work and it has meant so much to me. Huge hugs to you!!! xxxxxxxx