Thursday, 2 October 2014

Little Crochet Hat Pattern

I thought I would share a little hat that I am making for a doll show that I will be at in a few weeks. Its a very simple hat and a great project for a newby crocheter, or someone looking for a very quick and fun little project for your favourite little bear or doll. I generally make mine from crochet cotton, some of the cottons I use are authentically vintage, but I also use DMC Petra 5 which is widely available and has a lovely vintage colour range. You can play around with various cottons and yarns which will alter the size of your hat as well as its look. Just a quick note if you do decide to play around with different types of cottons and yarns, try to use a crochet hook that will provide you with fairly tight tension. The tighter it is, the firmer and more stable your hat will be.

For the hat pictured here I used a 1.75 mm crochet hook with DMC Petra 5. The size of the hat is small for a head circumference of approximately 7 to 8 inches. If you do decide to use a thicker or finer yarn it will, of course, change the sizing.  I finished the hat with some sweet antique lace and a vintage pansy flower, but the world is your oyster with how you would like to trim your hat, there are endless vintage laces, ribbons and braids available. You could make your own flowers as well, a few crochet flowers would look very sweet!

Ok, here's the pattern, if you have any questions or queries, just message me and I'll try as best I can to help. Also if you are very new to crocheting, YouTube is fantastic for teaching videos on crocheting and knitting, well worth referring to. This hat is made in the Amigurumi style crochet. It involves simple chaining, single crochet stitches and increases.


Sc = Single Crochet
Rnd = Round
* = Repeat
st = stitch
sl st = slip stitch


Stage 1 is forming the crown of the hat, so you are making a flat circle.

Begin by chaining 2

Rnd 1 - 6 sc in first chain = 6
Rnd 2 - 2 sc  in each st = 12
Rnd 3 - (sc 1 st, 2 sc next st) * = 18
Rnd 4 - (sc 2 st's, 2 sc next st)* = 24
Rnd 5 - (sc 3 st's, 2 sc next st)* = 30
Rnd 6 - (sc 4 st's, 2 sc next st)* = 36
Rnd 7 - (sc 5 st's, 2 sc next st)* = 42
Rnd 8 - (sc 6 st's, 2 sc next st)* = 48
Rnd 9 - sc each st
Rnd 10 - (sc 7 st's, 2 sc next st)* = 54
Rnd 11 - sc each st
Rnd 12 - (sc 8 st's, 2 sc next st)* = 60

At this point you should have a circle with 60 stitches. Now we are going to make the side of the hat by simply doing single crochets in each stitch for 16 rows. Run a small piece of wool or cotton through your beginning stitch to act as a marker, this will help you count your rows so you don't get lost.

Rnd 13 to 28 - sc each st

Now work the brim, by adding an increase row and then following with some more single crochet rows.

Rnd 29 - (sc 1 st, 2 sc in next st)*
Rnd 30 to 33 - sc each st
Rnd 34 - sc each st, sl st last 2 stitches

Cut cotton, thread with darning needle, run it through the centre of last stitch, then run through some stitches on the inside of hat to secure the end.

Mel xxx


Sweet Estelle Dolls said...

Thanks Mel,
What a great pattern! Quick and easy with a fantastic result! Love it!!!


Melissa Frank said...

Hi Lynda, thanks so much for the feedback!! I'm not the best at reading patterns myself, and most of what I make I have worked out in my head, I write down really obscure details to remember sizing etc. So this was my first pattern that I wrote for everyone else to understand... so pleased I didn't take you on a wild goose chase. xxx

Anonymous said...


mrs vee makes said...

Love this pattern! It would make a great adult hat too:) Thanks again for sharing your crochet talent!

Sophie said...

This is simply beautiful, so elegant, classy! I wish I would know how to crochet to try out your pattern... If I ever learn, I will put it on my list for sure!

Your blog is pure eye candy! Your pictures are wonderful and your work is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Row 12 ends and you have 60 sc. Then you say to sc for 16 rows but you only list it as 12 rows (rows 13-24). Which is correct--16 row or 12 rows of sc?

Melissa Frank said...

Hey, thanks so much for the heads up... the 16 stitches is correct. I have revised the pattern. Appreciate the feedback... xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this darling little hat pattern.

natasja said...

Just finished my hat! ♥
I am in love!! Thank you for sharing

Willemina Meijer said...

Thank you for this lovely hatpattern....

sylvia said...

How would you go about sizing a pattern like that down for a doll head smaller than the barbie doll ?

Maman said...

Thank you for this beautiful little hat pattern, Mel. So quick and easy, and the results have brought oooohs and aaaahs. :-)

Vivian Harris said...

Thank you so much for the free doll's hat pattern. I am now hooked and will be making lots more!!

Look forward to more easy to follow patterns from your blog.