Friday, 24 October 2014

Roses in time

After a turbulent couple of weeks I finally feel like I am getting back to a little bit of Miss Molly work. My Mum was in an accident and I have been concentrating on her and on family.. so my dolly work was put on the shelf.

Unfortunately it did mean that I cancelled my stall at the Penrith Doll and Bear Show. My head and heart certainly wasn't in it and as I am still spending most days with my Mum in the hospital, I couldn't see how the logistics would even work.

But every cloud does have a silver lining, and although I wasn't able to place my work on an actual stall.. I was able to finally start restocking my Etsy Shop.

Slowly but surely my work is being uploaded.. but its a slow process, due in part to my internet speed and also with me still spending large parts of the day at the hospital.

I have a wide selection of knits that I have been hoarding for the show... this photo showing just a few of them, as well as a few dollies, bears, some hats, shoes, and a selection of dolly accessories.

I have also started to sell some of my vintage sewing collection, mainly laces, ribbons and buttons. I love being able to share my love of these and expand my collecting.... now I have an excuse to go hunting for them, because as it stands I have more than enough for any dolly or bear I would want to make.

This photo shows a very small selection of what I have. And each week I am adding more.... this week I managed to find some very special, very old mother of pearl buttons, about 1000 of them are going to be coming to join my big pot. My husband joked with me when I bought this big glass jar that I would never manage to fill it... hmmm,  I've never backed away from a challenge!

I've been sewing some of them onto gorgeous reproduction button cards.... you know I have never given any thought to button cards before and the skill it takes to stitch buttons on by hand, but I tell you after sitting for some time with needle and thread its not as easy as it seems... hehehe.

This little glass cabinet I thought would be perfect for my cotton reels. Though at the moment its filled with button cards and spools of lace. I have a real love for rummaging through second hand and antique shops looking for vintage cotton reels. When I  do manage to find them I am so excited... especially if they are a lovely pastel colour or even better, a very old one!

So yes I planned for almost two months that I would be at a doll show this weekend, but I woke this morning and walked out into my garden at peace with the fact that you never know the direction life takes you. I picked flowers for my Mum, and thought about new creations that I want to make and new ways to hunt for some ribbons and laces. And sure I am still very upset for my Mum and disappointed with the fact that I missed out being at the show, but its pretty hard to stay feeling sorry for yourself when you are walking around roses in full bloom.

Mel xxx


Megan Wallace said...

Your Etsy shop is pretty. You inspire me!

Melissa Frank said...

Thank you Megan.... :)