Saturday, 8 November 2014

Miss Coco

I think its official, I have definitely caught the bear making bug... I absolutely LOVE making them. As a doll maker, making bears is a blessed change, something just a little different, like a cool breeze at the end of a summers day . It is so exciting discovering their little personalities, each one very unique, those big brown eyes always revealing their own character.

I have been a dog lover my entire life and I do feel a kinship to bear making and those dear dogs who have blessed me with their love and absolute faithfulness. Harvey is my current beautiful boy and his big brown eyes are a constant inspiration to me... oh such cuteness is my Harvey, but with an equal amount of complete cheekiness and mischief. To anyone who knows my family and Harvey, they will absolutely contest to his outrageous personality! He greets all who visit with love, excitement and joy. Although some have translated his energetic greetings to him saying.... "please save me and get me away from these mad people!!!!"

When I started Miss Molly, my work area was a definite no go zone to Harvey. But to anyone who has ever owned a Cocker Spaniel, you may well know that "no go zones" simply don't exist. Cocker Spaniels have a complete and utter need to be with their owners, so anywhere we are... Harvey must be. And a few months into Miss Molly I had to give in, and remove "pet free environment" from my listings. Now as I work Harvey sits at my feet, sometimes even on my feet, all the way into the wee hours of the night he is my constant companion. I often have middle of night conversations with him about all matter of Miss Molly decisions, and when it comes to bears his loving glances often serve me with the most relevant advice.

So this week I spent time finishing off a bear that had been waiting patiently in my progress basket. I had no real true vision for her, only that I wanted a very vintage boater style hat for her.

Over the last few days Miss Coco was born, heavily influenced by the most gorgeous piece of antique lace that I had been hoarding, waiting for just the right way to use it.

Her little hat is crocheted from fine crochet cotton, it took an entire afternoon to make, slowly working my way round in tiny crochet stitches. I stumbled on the fact that this vintage seaming ribbon was EXACTLY the same colour as the crochet cotton I was using. I'd like to own the fact it was a premeditated decision, and I had to order the ribbon online and wait weeks for its arrival, but alas it was a complete fluke I'm afraid. A benefit of my hoarding and collecting nature, because as my stashes grow, so do these moments of "oh wow... it matches!!!"

As little finishing touches I added some vintage flowers to her hat and a little brass locket.

Mel xxx


Jan Cole said...

Miss Coco is absolutely adorable, and the hat and dress are are so gifted!!!

Sandra Tanner said...

Your work is sublime and I love that you share with us each new creation that you are working on. I hope you continue to show us your divine work in the future!

Janet said...

Such a beautiful bear....and your canine companion....awesome!

Natalie Milne said...

Adorable I just love her xxx

Melissa Frank said...

Thank you all for you lovely comments about Miss Coco... Your support is so appreciated, big hugs!!!! xxx

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Your furbaby is so sweet. Your little bear, that face!! It looks so sad or concerned, or, I don't know, just adorable!!