Sunday, 15 February 2015

Nelly Bear and Some Sunday Blooms

Well the last couple of weeks have been interesting, the twins have settled into school and my youngest dear son has started preschool, the house is so quiet!

Instead of working on my first day of complete child free bliss, which I had planned to do, I went to bed and slept... I slept in the middle of the day, for 4 whole silent hours, can you believe it?!?! Completely decadent. But I did figure that after 6 years of having 3 youngsters at my skirt hem, I kind of deserved a day of self indulgence. But alas it did nothing for my housework, garden work or the little bear who was sitting on my worktable in desperate need of limbs and dress.

So dear Nelly took a little longer to finish than I anticipated, but I am quite sure she has forgiven me. As a result, my Sunday worktable therefore was all about Nelly, oh and some gorgeous flowers that I picked from the garden; roses, cosmos, dahlias, salvias and lavender.

I had a thoughts of dressing  Nelly in a rustic little vintage dress, all distressed with little patches and odd stitches. Well in my minds eye I thought it would look cute, but Nelly wasn't so sure. As soon as I placed the little dress on her I knew she wasn't happy. Nell is a far more elegant and theatrical bear to look like so poor, down and out. 

The postman had delivered some very special antique cotton tulle earlier in the week... this was much more to dear Nelly's liking.... a little gathered around her waist, some ribbon and a rustic scarf and she was finished.

Mel xxxx

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