Thursday, 9 April 2015

Downton Abbey, Bears and my Television Avoidance

The kids are home on their school holidays, apart from the rain over the Easter break, the days have been completely gorgeous and they have been outside in the garden most of the time. Their cubby house has been where most of the mischief and mayhem has been originating from. Little Matty though has advanced his excavating to yet another large hole in the centre of the yard and that is keeping him occupied for countless hours. Enough to say though that the kids have been reasonably happy and autonomous. I however have been occupied with making little bears, oh and little Lucy, a doll I am slowly working on.... but more about her later.

Yesterday was spent in my little work area, curled up with some yarn, a crochet hook and a full season of Downton Abbey. Would it shock you to know that up until yesterday I had never seen an episode? In fact, I never really knew of its existence, except for comments left for me on my Facebook page or emails, people would say such lovely comments about my hats and refer to Downton Abbey. I also did notice other references made to Downton in my Facebook feed, but alas I have been a little lost to what everyone was referring to.

I am not one for television at all, I find it terribly bothersome. I think its the non conformist in me. I find it off putting that some faceless programmer would tell me what to watch and when to watch it, not to mention them telling me what to think and when to think it.... but that's a soap box moment for a different post perhaps.

I do love watching films and documentaries and I admit to watching one current affairs show here in Australia on our public broadcaster, just to keep me abreast. As a family we regularly watch movies, but it is always on our terms and determination. I really don't remember the last time we sat down to traditional commercial television.

So with all the vintage buzz about Downton, I thought I best check it out!!! Yes, I might be a few years behind everyone, but all that matters is that I got there eventually. One season in and I am completely addicted. Though I am not sure if it is the story line, moreover perhaps the costuming and the set decorating.... just sublime, no other word for it!!! Having said that I do admit I am busting to find out if Mary and Matthew do eventually get together.

Almost a full day of straight viewing is a long time to watch anything, but my hands were busy, and while I was enjoying my first taste of Downton I crocheted a little bear. Her name is Miss Mary, of course.

Back to some dolly making for now, but a quick word about another little bear that is currently in my work basket. She is going to be my next giveaway over on my Facebook page. Probably at the end of the month all going well. So if you're interested in perhaps winning one of my bears keep a look out.

Mel xx

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