Sunday, 14 September 2014

Baby Babette

The weather here in Sydney is simply stunning at the moment! The few weeks of rain that we've had has brought the garden to life and the sunny days allow us to actually enjoy it!


I do try and bring my work to the garden as much as possible. Yesterday morning I sat with my dolly pieces and stuffed in the garden, sipping at my Earl Grey tea.... there are always moments when you say life is good and that definitely was one of them... though I do suspect my flowering crabapple was a large part of that joyful moment!!

The dolly that I was stuffing was dear little baby Babette, she has a friend named Betsy... but a little more work to do on her before she is ready to greet the world. I am still pondering what kind of little dresses these babies should have, in the meantime they have some sweet heirloom bloomers on, made from soft batiste and vintage lace.
Mel xxx

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