Monday, 8 September 2014

Bella Bear In Blue

The last couple of days have been so glorious here in the Blue Mountains. I cannot deny I have been feeling the need to get out into the garden and do some much needed gardening. Besides making dollies... and knitting and crocheting, my other love is gardening. But alas, for the next couple of months its all about creating dollies and bears for the doll show I am attending in October. I'm sure the garden can wait.

I planted borage seeds a few years ago and it is at this time of the year that you can really appreciate just how much they have spread through the garden.... for really they are the only plant in full bloom. Such a striking blue is borage.... I think it truly influenced my work yesterday.

So most of the day was spent crocheting in the garden. Though I did come inside later in the afternoon to put Bella Bear together.

I have been saving this lovely piece of antique tulle for something a little special and I thought it was perfect for Bella. I have to admit, I've grown hugely fond and dressing teddy bears.... playing with flowers and ribbons and tiny pieces of lace.


Bella has joined the other bears on my work shelf.  Slowly I am building up a collection of them. Not quite enough to fill a section of my stall... but definitely getting there.

Mel xx

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