Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dolly Picnic Time

A few weeks ago I spent a some time immersing myself in creating a dolly picnic basket fit for the most special of dollies. In fact it was a blessed few days to which my family thought I was absolutely crazy!!! I am fascinated with the ever so tiny, though this set is more Waldorf dolly size than true scale miniature. Nevertheless, whenever I have my 0.75 mm crochet hook out my husband and older girls always approach me with the same puzzled look, the shaking of heads and the verbalising of... "you're crazy!!"
The little basket was crocheted in merino yarn and embroidered with Mogear mohair thread, it was also finished with vintage lace and antique mother of pearl buttons.

The little food was crocheted from cotton thread; a tiny cupcake, cream pie and strawberries.


I'm hoping to get some time over the next few weeks to make another set... I just had the best time creating this.

Mel xx