Sunday, 14 December 2014

Introducing Becky Bear

This little bear is named Becky and has been occupying my crochet basket over the last week or so. It has felt so lovely getting a little Miss Molly work done, and although I haven't had a huge amount of time to myself this week.... what little time I have had I have dedicated to dear little Becky.

 I have to say as well.... I have absolutely loved working in pink, for sure one of my Miss Molly favourites. She became such a girly bear as I worked away, I think her personality is quite sweet and gentle.

All of my crochet bears are made free hand. I literally grab some wool  and my hook and just see what little personality forms. I never use a pattern, which is always problematic when I have days in between working on limbs and trying to remember how many stitches on the other side.

 I always begin with the head and face.... probably because I am just so impatient to see who will look back at me. I then create the body, for Becky I shaped a little pot belly. I then work on the legs and feet. I love them a little oversized.... I think because as a child I had a bear named Honey Bear who had such substantial feet, I now have a lifelong love of thumpy feet. And finally the arms are finished, created with a slight curve to give lovely bear hugs.

I hand shade each bear to emphasise their features. For Becky I worked with soft browns and pinks. I brush on colour fast pigment and slowly build up layers, adding some embroidery stitches to the nose and paws.

The final stages is playing with laces and flowers to costume each bear. I have box of small pieces of antique laces and netting tulle and really I just fiddle with them. I think the bear will tell you what they want or don't want to wear, you just have to listen.

My love for creating these little crochet bears has really started me rethinking Miss Molly's Dolls, perhaps a name change is in order. For although I will always make and adore creating dollies, I have a new found obsession in crocheting bears. Is it wrong that I am now thinking Miss Molly's Dolls & Bears????

Mel xx


Krystyna Bienias-Machowska said...

I think Miss Molly's Dolls and Bears sounds great.
Becky Bear is the sweetest bear I have read about, and the way of describing the process of creating her is so interesting.

Melissa Frank said...

Thank you Krystyna for your lovely comment about Becky Bear. Hoping you have a very merry xmas... xx