Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Alice and her Cupcake

Busy busy busy.... I think that pretty much covers the last few weeks. Early mornings and very late nights. I am working towards a few big things at the moment and balancing those and keeping a clean house, washing up to date and cooking reasonable meals has been a challenge to say the least, not to even mention being a Mum! But if there is a way of squeezing time out of a day I am slowly becoming an expert at it. Though I do suspect my secret weapon (not sleeping) will eventually catch up with me.

Ok so my first big thing is the Dreamers Market next month in Sydney. I am hoping to have enough work for a small table and to finally get a chance to display some of my work collectively. Now, I am not really screaming this from the rooftops as last time I tried to do a show my universe came to a crashing halt a week out with my Mum being in involved in an bus accident.... so this time I am playing it cool and trying to slide into home base, so to speak, without trying to jinx myself.

One of my ideas for my display is the making of a little dolly tea party. Dave has been busy in his workshop on his lathe turning up some wonderful dolly size spindle back chairs and a tiny matching tea table. Meanwhile I have been working on designing a new doll body to sit perfectly on his chairs as well as coming up with some yummy dolly size crochet food.

Alice is my first dolly to be made for the tea party. She is quite larger than the dolls I have been working on lately. 18 inches seated or if I were able to stretch out her legs and she were magically able to stand, well over 23 inches in height. I actually think she is the biggest Waldorf doll I have made so far. The amount of wool I used to stuff her amazed me... there was definitely a mountain of it.

Really looking forward to creating some yummy food for Alice and her friends and their tea party. I've started some cupcakes already, but I'm thinking also some cream cakes, tartlets and dolly strawberries. I am working on getting some these written up as free patterns on the blog.... because all dollies deserve a sweet treat now and then don't they.... stay tuned!!

Mel xxxx


Rosemary said...

Delightful post - I hope you sneak in under the 'jinx' radar. Look forward to seeing pictures of the tea party. Well done with the furniture too. Your dolls are gorgeous, and the furniture divine. xx

Natalie Milne said...

She's so pretty and cute, your idea of a tea party sounds amazing I can't wait to see it.wishing you good luck at the dreamers market I know you'll be a success.
Much love Nataliexxxx💖

lil red hen said...

This doll is so real! I love the way she sits with her legs crossed and the dimples on her knees. You're certainly a talented person!

Rozzie said...

Just gorgeous Mel!
Your work never ceases to amaze me or your commitment to quality and standard of work. Beautiful <3

Melissa Frank said...
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Melissa Frank said...

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments... means so much having such a wonderful cheer squad... biggest hugs... XOXOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

Pretty dolls!

Linda said...

Great post, beautiful photos.