Friday, 16 January 2015

Haberdashery Baskets

Well, this week was really all about baskets, and slowly I am finishing them off. The haberdashery baskets are finished  but the little picnic baskets are waiting for some tiny treats to be made for them.

The baskets are really a labour of love, in fact I think anything that has embroidery on it is. It constantly amazes me how many hours can be poured into drawing with thread. And when it comes to the baskets.... you can never have enough flowers! I'm always peering at them thinking... oh wait I can fit more here, just another one there.

These little haberdashery baskets are filled with some of the vintage haberdasheries that I have been collecting; cotton reels, laces and buttons. A sweet little collection of some of my most favourite things.

I have some hats to make this weekend, so I am heading to the yarn shop this afternoon for supplies. I think it is very easy to say, that this is one of my most favourite outings. Browsing through a well stocked yarn shop provides constant inspiration. Fingers crossed I manage to get what I want.

Mel xx

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Maman said...

These are just lovely,Mel. <3