Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Work Table

Well I woke up fairly early this morning and began work before the kids woke, sipping some tea and surveying my work table. Sooooo happy to have it back. For me, a life without a table to work off is like living without sunlight, sure you can survive, but you really never flourish.

So I thought I would show you all a little glimpse of my work table today. As you can see I have several unfinished items. I never can work on one thing from the beginning to the end. I seem to always be working on several things at once. Today I have some crochet baskets, the beginnings of another hat, items needing to be packed and posted and a little bear named Constance who is in real need of limbs and for her hat to be finished.

I have a list of goals for the next few months, but at the centre of them is filling my sections in my Etsy shop. This is about as far as I have come to having a business plan, not that I ever have thought that Miss Molly's is really a business.... but it has the dream of being one. At this stage Miss Molly supports my obsessions, not my existence.

Mel xx

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful, very very beautiful. Vanessa